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Shelby is built on the foundation of creating a healthy balance between life and work. In a demanding industry that traditionally requires travel or relocation, we offer our team members something new: The opportunity to live and work locally, become rooted in their communities, and build up the next generation. Solomon said, “Without vision, the people will perish.” We believe that by intentionally creating balance and purpose in our industry we thrive in our work and personal lives. 

Our people embody the core values of Love Others. Be Passionate. Do What’s Right. Overcome.

Matt Shelby Sean Doody Mitchell Neely Jenny Johnson Jay Clark Holly Bratton Stacey Higgins Tiffany Reebals Bart Sheppard Griffin Ash Robert Millhouse Alex Pankey Jessica Crane Van Jones Tim Moates Chris Moates Tommy Vines Josh Moates Chris Hobson Jimmy Dennis