Advancing the Vision
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Approaching what we do with a sense of purpose transforms a project from a mere set of drawings into an endeavor full of meaning. At Shelby Company, we partner with our clients and combine our experience, creativity, and passion to build not only what is drawn but also what is envisioned. More than just builders, we are partners in advancing our client’s vision.
We deliver across all major sectors of commercial construction including adaptive reuse, higher education, public works, healthcare, hospitality, tenant improvements, retail, restaurants and bars, and private development markets.
In all sectors and for projects of every scale, we provide the same level of leadership and integrity while focusing on advancing the vision of the client.
We control quality, schedule, and cost to successfully deliver the project parameters and the vision of the client.
The value we bring lies in leading our clients from the conception of an idea through the cutting of the ribbon at the grand opening, all the while managing the cost, schedule, and design. We are a self-performing general contractor and program manager who puts both mindsets to work to deliver a holistic solution to construction and development.
Advancing the Vision
Our job is not only to bring a client’s vision to life, but to help them grow it. Advance it. We advocate for the client’s vision at every level, making sure that the teams we assemble carry out the original design intent at the highest level. As commercial general contractors, we have an unlimited license and growing bonding capacity. We understand the investment that comes with a vision, and through time-tested process and attention to detail, we help our clients achieve their goals and reach the highest return on their investment.
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