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Shelby is a commercial general contractor focused on building local and building people up. We are passionate about our communities and the people who live and work in them. Our clients range from large healthcare providers and higher education facilities to smaller retail, restaurant, and office spaces. We work within both private and public markets, building lasting relationships as we advance the client’s vision.

At Shelby, we are invested in the growth of our communities. We are building the healthcare facilities and public entities that service our families and constructing the restaurants, shopping venues, and entertainment spaces we enjoy every day. We take pride in providing revitalized spaces that allow business owners and entrepreneurs to grow and thrive.

We approach every project with a passion for discovering its purpose and gaining vision. Combining the ideas and goals of the client with the architect’s design and intent allows us to overcome obstacles and deliver a quality end product.

This is Advancing the Vision.

The construction industry provides a unique opportunity for people to better their own lives as well as the lives of others. We impact those we encounter daily, whether they are clients, coworkers, or passersby.  We strive to be intentional about these moments, using them as opportunities to Build People Up.

A group of six people smile in a hallway under renovation. There are ladders in the background, no ceiling, and construction equipment behind them.

Why We do it

At Shelby, we are invested in the growth of our communities and the success of the people who live and work there. We are building the healthcare facilities that service our families. We construct the restaurants, shopping venues, and entertainment spaces we enjoy every day. Our team takes pride in providing revitalized spaces for small business owners and entrepreneurs to grow and thrive.

Shelby General Contractors was formed on a foundation of creating balance in a demanding industry; facilitating stronger families and a higher quality of life. In a demanding industry that traditionally requires constant travel or relocation, we offer our team members something new: The opportunity to live and work locally, become rooted in their communities, and prioritize a healthy work/life balance. While work is a substantial component of life and requires significant time and energy, it isn’t our sole purpose.  Our work is the prominent means through which we impact the world around us.  It is a way to add value, build a platform, and ultimately share our talents in a way that creates a lasting impact.  Our industry allows us the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life. By choosing to adhere to our core values and unwavering work ethic we Build People, and thus Advance the Vision on every jobsite, every day.

Company History

Matt fell in love with commercial construction while pursuing his degree in Building Science at Auburn University. During this time, he had the opportunity to co-op at various large construction companies and obtain real hands-on field experience. Being able to get his hands in the dirt reinforced Matt’s love of the industry and has influenced his commitment to providing co-op opportunities for the next generation of builders. By working alongside industry veterans, Matt experienced the importance of building with uncompromising integrity and quality. He learned that identifying hurdles and overcoming them allows a builder to truly own the project and deliver an end product that adheres to the client’s vision.

The desire to create meaningful change in the industry became the catalyst for starting his own construction company. Matt believes in the simple golden rule: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. As a husband and father, Matt knew that his first and highest calling was to his family. In an industry that predominately revolves around extended travel and relocation, he believed that by adhering to these simple truths he could build a successful company and productive culture. Providing the opportunity for individuals to excel in their profession, provide for their families, and be present in the daily lives of their loved ones became the structure around which Shelby General Contractors was built. By creating the model of building and hiring local, employees are given the healthy work/life balance and focus on family values that Matt desired for himself.

Matt Shelby believes the best builder is the one who has the understanding and leadership skills of a program manager coupled with the ability to perform the work of a general contractor. We approach every project with a passion for discovering its purpose and gaining vision. Understanding the origin of a project—the Why—drives a deeper commitment to its delivery. The builder who incorporates this level of commitment and understanding into every project is an unstoppable force.

Where We Are Headed

Build Local in
Multiple Cities

We Build Local. As we grow and expand into new cities and communities, our foundation will remain the same. Each office will be run by a team of local individuals who are committed to their craft, their community, and their families. Our Chattanooga location opened in 2024, and we are excited to provide the same opportunities, values, and commitment to excellence that began in Birmingham Alabama.

Continue to Advance the Vision

As we expand into new markets, we will work closely with the client and design team, remaining in constant communication throughout the project as we Advance the Vision from conception through completion.

Focus on building People Up

As individuals, we are created for a purpose. Understanding that purpose convicts us to continuously evaluate how we impact those around us. By choosing to pour into others who are less fortunate than us, we build them up, thus Advancing the Vision and purpose of our own lives.