Adaptive Reuse, Open Floor Plan, Outdoor Space
Neill Crook
CCR Architecture
2900 4th Ave South

A rustic, hacienda-like setting, Mayawell Tequila Bar offers guests a relaxed, warm place designed to to share the colorful culture and history of Mexico. Located downtown on 4th street, Mayawell specializes in agave-based spirits, celebrating the diversity and richness of tequila and mezcal with an educational and adventurous attitude. The original vision was an inspired blend between Austin and Mexico City, with authentic décor that is rooted in Latin tradition.

Reimagined from what had been previously been an open-floor concept, the space provides intimate and inviting vignettes through a welcoming lounge area, banquette seating, as well as a covered outdoor patio and a roof deck with spectacular views of downtown Birmingham. Crafted to showcase Mexican heritage, the rich and colorful design throughout is as nuanced as its classic and innovative house cocktails.

Neill Crook is the owner of the Mayawell Tequila Bar, serving agave based spirits in an authentic Hacienda located downtown.
Neill Crook
Neill began his journey to Mayawell by serving as a bartender and restaurant manager in Birmingham. During a vacation, he traveled to Mexico City and fell in love with everything from the food to the people to the agave-based beverages. Becoming more and more interested in the culture South of the border, he took several more trips to Mexico. Neill began to take tours of La Huaca to learn the craft of making tequila. He later traveled to Oaxaca and experienced traditional Mezcal. It wasn’t long before Neill had a vision of sharing his passion for Mexico to Birmingham.
Matt Shelby and his team were always ahead of the curve, serving as close guides throughout the build process. It turned 
out better than I imagined.
Neill Crook

Images by : Nicola
"My vision of Mayawell was to build a place where people in Birmingham could experience the genuine feel and taste of Mexico."
The Solution
The space was originally built in the 1940s and offered Neill exposed beams, terra cotta surfaces, and brick walls. In addition to the installation of a bar and a kitchen, modifications would come in the form of an outdoor patio and a roof deck. Retaining the exposed beams overhead, the architects and designers were able to suspend light fixtures above to warmly light the lounge furniture and décor below. As a first-time builder and owner, Neill appreciated how Shelby Company understood and encouraged his vision from the start and worked seamlessly with his staff.